UPDATE May 26 COVID Announcement

May 26th 2020

New Guests
We take our guests well-being very seriously and have adapted to the new COVID environment. If you’re interested in booking a stay with us please contact us via email (info@thelakesideresort.com) or toll-free 1-800-220-7330. To get some insights on changes to our policies please read the following letter which was sent to all our existing clients over the past week. It should answer any questions that you have!

 2020 ….. What a Year to remember!

         The Lakeside Resort, an Okanagan Classic, in Oliver, BC
             will be Open this Summer for it’s 83rd (we think) Year!

Today we need to hear from you so we can finalize our planning.
The manageable safety of our loyal Guests and Staff is the singular driver of our actions.  Accordingly, please respond by May 31, 2020 and tell us your  family’s choice.

We extend a warm Oliver Hello to our loyal Lakesiders.
We’re safe and busy in Oliver. We hope your family is managing well. Of course, not all are, so to those Lakeside families, we offer our sincerest best wishes until things are again manageable for you too. We’re lucky and proud to be Canadians. BC’s Chief Health Officer, Bonny Henry, has been an inspirational voice and while we await final guidance, we know, thanks to her, that the world hasn’t ended. Here in Oliver, we’ve been working extra hard, envisioning how to deliver a famous Lakeside Holiday (with Crazy Covid 2020 in mind). It’s been remarkably heartwarming that the phones haven’t slowed and bookings continue as both new and old Lakesiders seek a rejuvenating holiday with us.

Please review this letter carefully and then CONFIRM if you intend to take your Lakeside Holiday in 2020. You will be able to return to your beloved Lakeside this year but if you are unable, or if you choose to skip a year, you can either: – Move your deposit to secure your normal space for 2021 OR – Cancel your booking entirely.
We all understand that 2020 has become a “special” year. As a result, Cancellations received by MAY 31st will have deposits fully refunded. We will not be offering any deposit refunds after May 31.  

OK, here are the details of what your 2020 Lakeside Holiday will look like:

Here’s what we can do:
Provide you a rejuvenating holiday (not quite normal but still a Lakeside Holiday!)   We’re all in this together. First and foremost is a common agreement, by all of us and all of you, that we and our kids will respect our neighbour’s “space” in ways that may not be entirely the normal Lakeside way. It’s not hard to imagine the “new normal”. And it’s not hard to imagine it will work just fine. The Lake is waiting!   We have developed an effective and socially distanced plan for all our outside common areas. We are Doubling our cleaning regimens to all our common facilities. We will provide streamlined, contactless Check-in and Check-out procedures. We will still be able to provide you with Ice, Fresh Free Filtered Water for your water bottles and Loonies for your showers (if you forget them at home). We’ll even run the store on a modified schedule so that the little kids can still come make their first visit to a real “store” with the toonie from Mom burning a hole in their pocket 😊

Here’s what we can’t PROMISE to do this year: Sand Castle Contests may need modification or cancellations… we’ll see. Penny Candy Day… same

Here’s some amenities we know WE CAN’T provide you this year: Bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc. can be used off-site this year, but not within the resort. Our little playground will not be available. Bring books, puzzles, games, and boats from home, as we will be unable to offer these services. No off-site visitors will be permitted as we keep our numbers under control at all times!

Note for our Hotel guests– due to COVID guidelines and the recommended 3 hour window before staff can enter your room after Check-out… and the wall of new people Checking-in soon afterwards, we have had little choice but to implement a “bring your own linens” solution for 2020. We see no other way to handle the time compression of our weekly turnover, except for this request. We will clean and sanitize your room thoroughly, provide you with fresh mattress pads, pillows, shower curtains and towels but you’ll bring the personal sleeping linens you choose. Some of you might bring sheets and blankets but we also think many families will just embrace the change, get creative, and bring sleeping bags and just “rough it”, just a little… while they enjoy their otherwise fun and relaxing Lakeside Holiday. Check-in time will be adjusted (from 2:00) to 4:00pm for hotel guests.

Note for our Camping Guests– for those of you with RV’s, if you prefer not to make use of our campground washrooms and wish to use your onboard bathroom instead, we have arranged for a septic service truck to drain your RV tanks, every Tuesday and Friday. This service, if used, will be at each camper’s expense.
We will still provide rental fridges for our camping guests, with adjustments to the cleaning protocols. As you can imagine, we must make some more “social” space so we are increasing “empty space” for comfortable and safe gatherings at the lakefront. We are reducing a few of our beachfront camping sites and while we know that these are very popular, we have a rational approach to accommodate you all! Before we can solidfy this plan we need to know who’s in for holidays this year!!

So what do we need from you?? An email or phone call if you have any further questions. A decision on whether you’re coming to join us this year after you’ve thoroughly read this email.

When do we need the decision? Before May 31, 2020 please!!!

Thank-you so much!! Sally, Paul, Dawn and the staff of
The Lakeside Resort


The Lakeside Staff and Management.