Latest Announcements & Guidelines For Fall Guests (COVID-19, Rules and More!)

We will keep this conversation current and updated.


We are now in phase 3 here in B.C., however here at The Lakeside Resort we are taking our own precautions for the the protection of both of our staff and customers. It is best to play things safe this season!

As such, we have a strict policy of no visitors and extra ‘guests’ in the resort and campsites are two adults maximum.

  • We ask that you and your party respect other guests personal space and continue to keep the six-foot social distancing in place with those you do not know.
  • The office is closed to guests. To check-in or receive assistance during your stay, please stop by our office window.
  • We continue to double our cleaning regimens to all of our common facilities, cabanas and rooms.


* The following applies to all guests staying at the resort on or after September 5, 2021.

  • Quiet time is 11 PM. At this time, the beach is closed and all guests must return to their accommodations. If you are asked to keep the volume down out of consideration for our other guests, we expect you to do so.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. cannot be used on the property during our summer season but during our fall season, they are permitted. We just ask that you are mindful of vehicles and respectful of pedestrians space and right to social distance at all times.
  • Smoking is permitted OUTDOORS ONLY on the resort during the fall season, however we do not allow smoking of cannabis products at any time on the property.
  • Pets are welcome in the campground during the fall season, provided they are kept leashed at all times, cleaned up after and not taken on the beach. Pets are not permitted in the motel at any time, nor are they permitted to be left unattended on your campsite while you are elsewhere on the resort or off the property.
  • We will still be able to provide you with ice, fresh and free filtered water for your water bottles, and loonies for your showers & laundry (if you forget them at home).
  • The small playground will be open.
  • Bring books, puzzles, games, sporting equipment and boats from home, as we will be unable to offer any loans or rentals. The games area is open from 8 AM-9 PM each day if you want to bring your own.
  • Propane campfires are permitted, but they must be turned off by 11 PM. Absolutely no wood campfires!

A note for our hotel guests:

  • During your stay in the hotel, we are unable to enter your room to do services, so we have modified things this year. Bins will be provided for each room, and if you need any towels exchanged please place them in your bin and place outside of your room, ANY morning BEFORE 11 AM and we will change them out and place them back in your sanitized bin. If you require anything else you can call the office during operating hours and we will put your requested item in your bin. Please keep bins outside if you have made a request!

A note for our campground guests:

  • If you are not in a full service site and require septic service, we suggest making pre-arrangements directly with Darlorn Septic prior to your stay. They can be reached at (250) 495-2255. This would be at your own expense. We do not have a sani-dump on site, but there is one locally behind the Canadian tire.

Thank you so much! Sally, Paul, Dawn, and the staff of The Lakeside Resort