July 20th Lakeside Announcement – Please Click Here

FIRE UPDATE – As of July 20th, 2021, there are currently NO fires within Oliver that are a risk to us here at the Lakeside Resort. There are NO evacuation alerts OR notices in the area of the resort.

We are now in phase 3 here in BC……however here at The Lakeside Resort we are taking our own precautions as we know that a large number of our customers and our staff have still not had the chance to be fully vaccinated yet. It is best to play things safe this season!


  • We ask that you and your party respect other guests personal space and continue to keep the 6 foot social distancing in place with those you do not know.
  • We are doubling our cleaning regimens to all of our common facilities, cabanas and rooms.
  • We will provide streamlined, contactless Check-in and Check-out procedures. We will still be able to provide you with ice, fresh and free filtered water for your water bottles, and Loonies for your showers & laundry (if you forget them at home). We’ll even run the store on a modified schedule.
  • Sand Castle contest will be cancelled this year, but feel free to hold your own!
  • Penny Candy Day will happen but in a modified format at the office window – See your brouchure for details.
  • The small playground will be open.
  • We will still provide rental fridges for our camping guests, with adjustments to the cleaning protocols.

Here are some amenities we know WE CAN’T provide you this year:

  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. can be used off-site, but not within the resort.
  • Bring books, puzzles, games, and boats from home, as we will be unable to offer these services.
  • Note for our Hotel guests due to COVID guidelines and the recommended 3-hour window before staff can enter the room after Check-out…and the wall of new people Checking-in soon afterward, we have had little choice but to implement a “bring your own linens” solution for 2021. We see no other way to handle the time compression of our weekly turnover, except for this request.
  • We will clean and sanitize your room thoroughly, provide you with fresh mattress pads, shower curtains, and towels but you’ll bring the personal sleeping linens you choose. Some of you might bring sheets and blankets but we also think many families will just embrace the change, and get creative, and bring sleeping bags and just “rough it”, just a little… while they enjoy their otherwise fun and relaxing Lakeside holiday.
  • During your stay in the hotel, we are unable to enter your room to do services – So we have modified things this year. Bins will be provided for each room, and if you need any towels exchanged please place them in your bin and place outside of your room, ANY morning BEFORE 11am and we will change them out and place them back in your sanitized bin. If you require anything else you can call the office during operating hours and we will put your requested item in your bin. (So please keep bins outside if you have made a request!)
  • Note for our Camping Guests for those of you with RV’s, if you prefer not to make use of our campground washrooms and wish to use your onboard bathroom instead, we have arranged for a septic service truck to drain your RV tanks, every Tuesday and Friday. This service, if used, will be at each camper’s expense.

Thank you so much! Sally, Paul, Dawn, and the staff of The Lakeside Resort